College Fat Loss

This has been starting to come clearer to me. Fat people and people in shape think differently. I’m not going to call them skinny people because I know those who are thin but have the worst eating habits.

When I first started exercising everything was a struggle. I groaned at climbing four flights of stairs to my dorm because there’s no elevator. I avoid visiting my friends at all costs because they live on top a huge hill. I try to think of the fastest way to class not to save time but to avoid walking as much.

And when I eat I don’t really consider the consequences of drinking all my calories or what happens when I only eat rice and noodles. Zero veggies and fruits.

It’s really starting to hit me that all of this would come pretty automatically for a healthy person. . . .but for me it’s something I have to consciously always be mindful of. Every single time I step foot out of my room or into a dining hall.

I guess it really comes down to whether or not I’m willing to change my entire life around these awful eating habits.


Ack. School is seriously kicking my butt right now. I’m only taking 15 credits but so much work has already been assigned. And since I actually want to stay on top of my work, everything besides working out has been ignored.

That said. I’m up to 50 minute work outs this week! Probably will go 5 days this week too! So excited and proud of myself. It’s so weird thinking back to the second week of September and I was struggling to do even 20 minutes. Now I breeze through my workout without worrying about giving up in the middle.

But I need to focus on my eating. I knew the dining commons were going to be my biggest obstacle. On the one hand, they do have all the healthy options. However, they also have all the good/fattening/junk food as well. I’ve started to eat a plate of veggies before I get a main dish but I know I can do better.

Also. I know it’s only been three weeks but I feel like my arms have gotten slimmer. O_O Like I was just sitting down and had my arms crossed. Unconsciously my hands were running down my upper arms when I just felt different. Maybe I’m just being delusional.

However, the thought that I may be making progress definitely keeps me going.

I was in the middle of my workout when I realized how good I felt sweating and pumping my body to the music. It was really weird. Usually I hate walking and avoid exerting any amount of energy to avoid sweating. But here I was pushing myself to keep going even though I felt like giving up after the first five minutes.

I’ve noticed that attitude plays a HUGE part in trying to lose weight. Whenever I told my friends that I was working out, they just looked at me in awe and said, “Yeah. I need to start working out” or “Wow. I wish I wasn’t so lazy.”

It kind of makes me a little frustrated when I hear my friends say that. Some make excuses about how they can’t find any time to workout because they’re not willing to work out. I used to be the same way. I felt self-conscious and thought everyone would be staring at me. I felt scared that I’d make a fool out of myself trying to figure out what each machine did. Lastly, I was most terrified of a purely conjured scenario where some girls would just outright call me out of my fatness.

Yeah, paranoid most seriously am I.

But eventually I told myself that everything was an excuse and that I needed to do something. Anything! And that I’m the only one who sets the pace for me. I don’t need to worry about anyone else. As long as I keep that in mind, working out and eating better gets a whole lot easier because I’m not trying to be like the skinny girl running miles on the treadmill or the girl eating a healthy salad and fruits.

I figure out where I am health wise and go from there. My progress.

That said. I am going to be doing measurements on October 31, 2010 so I need to definitely kick things up a notch!

Just some motivation in the middle of the week.

I ended up severely cutting classes, extracurriculars, job opportunities to focus completely on the weight loss. I really need to see some results so whatever I gotta do–I’m going to do it.

This week I am going to be starting school and I can’t wait for the new semester to start.

Now in addition to bringing up my awful GPA, I need to focus on my eating habits and get some hardcore exercising done! However, the biggest problem I run into when trying to lose weight is getting all hyped in the beginning only to have all my motivation peter out then I give up in the middle.

The important thing for me to remember is that I’m not trying to lose weight for the shot term. I’m changing my whole life style to become a healthier me. When I think of the bigger picture, it’s easier for me to pass up that extra serving or go hit the gym.

Baby steps. That’s how I’m going about it. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days for a habit to stick. So for the next 21 days, I’m going to cut down severely on my portion sizes and limiting the fast/junk food once every two weeks.

I’m also going to go exercising for 30-45 minutes five days a week of cardio. Then I’ll gradually build up the duration to 1 hour and increase the intensity level as well.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Warning. Rant up ahead.

I was going into the dining commons when I see an old friend I haven’t seen in YEARS. She’s like an older sister to me. When I was a little girl she always helped me out and obviously I looked up to her a lot.

So I’m pretty sure when she took one look at me and said, “Wow. Cassie. . .you’ve gotten bigger!” I had a whole “WTF” moment. I wasn’t aware that’s the first thing you say when you see someone after a long time. Then she proceeded to say in Korean, “You’ve gotten FAT!” All this with a smile on her face.

Rarely do people ever comment on my weight gain. At least nobody besides my family. I’d like to say that it didn’t bother me and I just shrugged it off–which I did outwardly. Over the years I’ve done a good job in acting like no words affect me when they really hurt me more than anything.

I’m not exactly sure what I want to say here but just needed to write this out or I’d start lashing out at people who didn’t do anything. Rather get my rage out on the internet than take it out on someone innocent.

I guess if I wanted to be optimistic I can take this as a motivation for losing weight. . . .

Right and I’m going to marry a Korean pop star.


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  • zuudytea: Hope you're still doing good!
  • Zuudy: I know you can do it! Just be patient with yourself.
  • collegefatloss: Haha, thank you! I had to change my attitude as well. I really hated exercising and sweating because I thought I looked so stupid. But once I started