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Currently I’m doing some preliminary research and gathering information to help me with my weight loss once school starts. I’ve been going through my eating habits and the evaluating what I usually eat on a regular basis. Looking through all the foods that are normal for me to eat. . . .I wonder why I haven’t died from a heart attack yet.

I need to do a complete 180 with my eating. That and also checking my portion sizes. It really blows my mind when I look at what a “typical” portion is today compared to fifty years ago. No wonder people are so fat these days.

I got a meal from Burger King. It’s going to be my last fast food trip until I lose this weight. I’ve heard how people would lose weight after they clean up their diet. Right now I need to change my mentality from eating out of pleasure to eating out of necessity.

Food = fuel. This is going to be my mantra!

So I uploaded a video over on youtube. This is just to give a visual and see who is behind the words! LOL.

Or are there zero websites out there for weight loss in college niche? The stuff I do come across look cheap and plastered with ads. It’s really annoying. And I don’t even know if the articles are even written by a college student or someone who may even remember what it was like to BE in college!

Maybe I’m just not googling hard enough. Or maybe I can really scale this project up and become the number 1 search result when people google ways to lose weight in college. Sounds like a plan to me!

I want to be healthy. I want to get rid of that belly pouch. And I really want to be able to wear a bikini with confidence.

Currently, I’ve decided that I will be posting regularly on Monday and Fridays. I’ll also be uploading candid vlogs on a youtube channel for fun and keeping track of how I look as I’m going through this transformation.

I have listed ideas for the posts I will be doing in September and October. Right now they’re just slivers of ideas. I want to have solid posts for all of September before I head back to school so I guess my work is cut out for me. 8 thoughtful posts that isn’t complete bullshit. I need to research and use good links. I may not have an audience right now but I hope to build up a readership of fellow college students who are trying to lose weight or maintain their health. Mostly the former because I’m just starting to care about my body.

Need to make sure I get the supplies I need.

Okay. This week’s probably going to be my most productive of the summer.

I have been overweight my entire life. Honestly, I can’t remember a time when anyone called me “skinny” or I wasn’t worried about going shopping in fear of not being able to fit into anything. Now almost 20 years later, I’m finally starting to see the risks of being fat. When your doctor makes you take blood tests to check for diabetes, you know something has to change. Throughout middle and high school I would tell myself that it didn’t matter what I looked like physically. As long as I wasn’t a complete bitch and had a tolerable personality then I’d be able to get through life just fine. I mean, I managed to get two very cute boyfriends and I have a good circle of friends. Nothing wrong, right?

But reality is a harsh thing. I’ve never felt truly beautiful before. My confidence is faked than giving off the genuine “I don’t give a damn” attitude. And let’s be honest–everyone wants to be able to walk into a room and just look sizzling hot while catching the eyes of all.

Personally, I’d just love to go shopping and stop havingĀ  to go up two more sizes since the last visit. Or prevent my mom from shouting in her broken English, “Get LARGE one, okay?!” (Which is the reason why I don’t bring her with me.) I want to become a healthier person. Can’t tell you how many times I’d be eating with a large group of people and see that I eat more than everyone else AND that I eat the crappiest food available. Then go home and feel absolutely guilty and self-conscious wondering if everyone thought I was a pig.

So here I am. Hell bent on losing the weight. Or rather, fat. I don’t want to just focus on the numbers. They mean jack shit to me.

First step is to prepare. Make sure I have all the gear for working out. Understand what my dining halls have to offer. And doing research to see how much food I really need. Managing my time effectively so there are no excuses.

Here we go~


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  • zuudytea: Hope you're still doing good!
  • Zuudy: I know you can do it! Just be patient with yourself.
  • collegefatloss: Haha, thank you! I had to change my attitude as well. I really hated exercising and sweating because I thought I looked so stupid. But once I started