College Fat Loss

The Battle Plan!

Posted on: September 6, 2010

This week I am going to be starting school and I can’t wait for the new semester to start.

Now in addition to bringing up my awful GPA, I need to focus on my eating habits and get some hardcore exercising done! However, the biggest problem I run into when trying to lose weight is getting all hyped in the beginning only to have all my motivation peter out then I give up in the middle.

The important thing for me to remember is that I’m not trying to lose weight for the shot term. I’m changing my whole life style to become a healthier me. When I think of the bigger picture, it’s easier for me to pass up that extra serving or go hit the gym.

Baby steps. That’s how I’m going about it. I read somewhere that it takes 21 days for a habit to stick. So for the next 21 days, I’m going to cut down severely on my portion sizes and limiting the fast/junk food once every two weeks.

I’m also going to go exercising for 30-45 minutes five days a week of cardio. Then I’ll gradually build up the duration to 1 hour and increase the intensity level as well.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


6 Responses to "The Battle Plan!"

Good luck! It sounds like you’ve got a great plan, I really hope it works for you! I always try to start exercising, but I always stop D:

Thanks! Ugh, tell me about it. I went to the gym today and barely made it through 20 minutes of cardio. So what I’m going to do is slowly increase my time each week until I can get up to an hour. I read somewhere that the moment you’re going to succeed is when you keep pushing even when you want to give up really bad.

You can do it! you sound so prepared and resolved- i’m rooting for you:)

(saw your post on soompi – just in case you were wondering why there was a random stranger commenting :D)

Thanks Rach! It really means a lot to me. =)

Haha and yeah I kind of figured that’s where the random visitors were coming from. The whole point why I put it in my sig. ❤

I saw your blog in the soompi sig, thought I might just drop by 😀
Anyways Good luck! and all the best with your ‘Challenge’ I hope everything goes well (:
Just a little heads up on running long distance, ‘its all in the mind.’ Well 90% of it is; you mentally focusing on your jog and having a positive mindset. And the last 10% is physical self. Not too sure if that may help you, but this helped me when I started jogging.
You can do it~!

Thanks so much Kathy!

I definitely agree. It’s hard for me to exercise for long periods of time because I’m not used to it. So I have to keep thinking to myself that “I’m not really THAT tired” and “Just a little more!” But thank you! One of my future goals is to run a marathon. I’ll keep your advice in mind. =]

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  • zuudytea: Hope you're still doing good!
  • Zuudy: I know you can do it! Just be patient with yourself.
  • collegefatloss: Haha, thank you! I had to change my attitude as well. I really hated exercising and sweating because I thought I looked so stupid. But once I started


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