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This has been starting to come clearer to me. Fat people and people in shape think differently. I’m not going to call them skinny people because I know those who are thin but have the worst eating habits.

When I first started exercising everything was a struggle. I groaned at climbing four flights of stairs to my dorm because there’s no elevator. I avoid visiting my friends at all costs because they live on top a huge hill. I try to think of the fastest way to class not to save time but to avoid walking as much.

And when I eat I don’t really consider the consequences of drinking all my calories or what happens when I only eat rice and noodles. Zero veggies and fruits.

It’s really starting to hit me that all of this would come pretty automatically for a healthy person. . . .but for me it’s something I have to consciously always be mindful of. Every single time I step foot out of my room or into a dining hall.

I guess it really comes down to whether or not I’m willing to change my entire life around these awful eating habits.



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  • zuudytea: Hope you're still doing good!
  • Zuudy: I know you can do it! Just be patient with yourself.
  • collegefatloss: Haha, thank you! I had to change my attitude as well. I really hated exercising and sweating because I thought I looked so stupid. But once I started